Funko 2010 Star Wars Bobble Head Mashups

We found these whilst browsing and though we'd show you.

These images were taken by somebody at Star Wars Blog/ and show off some cool new FunKo figures which were shown at Toy Fair 2010 (which is the biggest toy fair in America and maybe the world). These bobble heads look pretty smart we'll see how well they sell when they come out.

They show several mashups of fan favourite Star Wars Bobble heads.

FunKo 2010 Star Wars Mashups
 FunKo 2010 Yoda Monster Mashup  FunKo 2010 Chewbacca Monster Mashup
 FunKo Darth Vader Monster Mashup.jpg  Funko StormTrooper Mashup.jpg

 The original article and more images here check them out :  Star Wars Blog/ 


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