Collecting Bobble Heads is like finding lost treasure

It’s been interesting for me to get a first hand look at what people collect. You know the saying ‘One mans junk is another mans treasure’, right? Well, that’s true to some extent but I hate to call something junk when I know someone else will find some value in it.

Take bobbleheads for example. Since starting my own bobblehead website I have had inquiries for several bobbleheads that I personally wouldn’t think to collect, but others do for whatever the reason ie; The Pep Boys, Davy Jones, and Pauley Walnuts to name just a few. This is intriguing to me. Why do these people want these? Are they valuable? Do they possess some hidden meaning that is known only by them? And take the people who collect the sports bobbleheads. I know they try to collect the top players but do they collect them because they are cool to have? Or is it because they may be valuable one day and they think of it as an investment?

There are some bobbleheads that obviously have a lot of value. Take the set of all four Beatles bobbleheads that sold on eBay for $600. Now that clearly had value- the Beatles will never be getting back together, those bobbleheads have been out of production for years and they were produced in limited quantities. Are they worth £300? You and I may not think so but to whoever purchased them they are! Or does the sentimental value outweigh the monetary value? No one can say for certain except the individual who purchased them. And that’s the fun of being a collector. You have to weigh the balance of how much that item means to you personally and how much you feel its worth monetarily. Sometimes it can be a very fine line.

One thing is for certain. The popularity of bobbleheads is growing. But that’s no surprise. With better materials such as PVC and Resin and more talented sculptors the intricate details are even better than ever. Royal Bobbles has a bobblehead of Benjamin Franklin that has a removable coon skin cap and actual spectacles! A far cry from the original paper mache bobbles of the 1920’s and 30’s that were basically all the same bobble with a different color uniform. And instead of just your favorite baseball players you can now find bobbleheads from just about every popular TV show or movie.  There are more options now than ever before.

One thing is for certain. Collecting bobbleheads is fun. If you focus your collection on a particular theme such as Super Heroes or Betty Boop  you will be challenged to find only those particular ones. There are many older models and a lot of newer ones as well. You can find them on line of course, but car boot  sales and flea markets offer many surprises!. Plus, there’s the added bonus of looking through other peoples junk! You never know, you might find your next treasure!

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