Lost Action Figures Series 2 in Doubt?

We have had word today that Bif Bang Pow! may well be cancelling series 2 of the Lost Mego Style Action Figures.

Series 1 of these popular Lost Action Figures have has now sold out at wholesalers which we know because we ordered the last few boxes of these figures available from our wholesales. So we are happy to have these coming in the next week or so.

But unless Bif bang Pow! recieve some more pre-orders they are rumoured to be cancelling the range as they won't be able to start production in time for July and with their merchandising license for Lost running our in July they cannot afford to run the risk of not being able to sell what they make.

We have our pre-ordered but can only order as much as we can sell, so to help out Bif Bang Pow! and yourselves all I can recommend is to pre-order from us allowing us to pre-order more from them.


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