Custom Bobble Head Order Emily

Just to make life easier and showcase some of the custom bobble heads people are creating and ordering from us and to further highlight the process we are listing a few orders (with the owners permission) up here for you to see how it works.

Starting with Emily who ordered a full custom bobble head.

Day 1

Emily orders her bobble head

Day 2

An email is sent from us to Emily asking her to upload her images and select the details of her custom bobble head, Ie : eye colour, hair colour, skin tone etc

Emily selected the following facial / head details

she also uploaded the following images which have been scaled down to fit on the screen but you get the idea.These are pretty specific facial features and costume.

Day 4

Pretty quickly we got back in touch with Emily with a moulded head, at this stage Emily was able to change anything about this model as you'll see in a later demo, As it is Emily is happy with the images and approves the sculptured head. Again these are compressed by us but normally in the dashboard they are full sized, Click for the larger images.

Emily's comments were : 

That is absolutely wondeful!!!
Thank you Maggie!


 A couple of hours later Emily recieves another email to say her body shorts are available also

As you can see this images show the body mould for Emily's bobble head and the custom body she has selected is shown from all angles so that emily can see all the poses etc., Emily can also make suggestions / changes to the model at this stage too. Emily approves the custom bobble head again.

Day 18

Emily gets notice her bobble head is ready for final approval and all coloured.

 Day 23

Emily Recieved her Fully Custom Bobble Head and was delighted with it.

She allowed us to use the pics for future customers.


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