Fallout 3 Vault Boy Bobble Head

Fallout 3 Vault Boy Bobble Head

Fallout 3 Vault Boy Bobble Head


Why is this Bobble Head so important?

This is for us the most important bobble head in the world. Its the Fallout 3 Promotional gift of the Vault Boy Bobble Head. Without this and indeed the Xbox 360 game of Fallout 3 which also featured collectible bobble heads within the game performing various poses etc Bobble Heads UK would not have been formed.

If your looking for information on them here is a good place to start.

Whats a Bobble Head?

Thats what we wanted to know when we heard they were in fallout 3-4 years ago now. Curious we trudged the internet and found thse plastic toys with over sized heads. which covered a few themes such as US presidents and lots of baseball characters. Luckily for us we also found the initial batch of cool Dexter bobble heads which to this day are still one the most popular products we stock.

Bobble Heads in the UK

Popularity of these bobble heads is expanding in the UK and i'd like to think we are helping with that with the UK's 1st decent bobble head website (of course know we sell action figures and plushies also amongst other things). Stocking all the brand new bobble heads straight from release in the US. Some of the latest of which are the Mortal Kombat bobble heads, major Lost characters like Jack and Sawyer, and Beavis and ButtHead all in bobble head forms.

So we salute you Fallout 3 Vault Boy Bobble Head and gaming company Bethesda.

Thanks for inspiring us with your cool game :)

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