Reuse and Bobble Heads UK

Our Green Commitment

Bobble Heads UK will in future be recycling / reusing our packaging supplies to reduce our impact on the environment.

Previously we have made several trips per month to a large local recycling plant to dump our cardboard, whilst this is great for us and the recycling plant we still spend further money buying new boxes to send out again.

We are making a positive step to make further use of our cardboard supplies by re-using the high quality cardboard packaging which our products arrive in, as sleeves to wrap around the new products we are dispatching to you and also as padding with these boxes in shredded format.

This solves several problems

  • No excessive cardboard waste
  • No trips to the recycling plant
  • Keeping our packaging costs to a minimum
  • Keeping your packaging costs to a minimum
  • Making the most out of our cardboard.

Our items will be dispatched in Heavy-duty plastic postal bags which are fully recyclable, however we ask you to recycle these in your own way, Either by reusing as rubbish bags, poo bags for your pets and any other number of ways you can think of.

For more information on recycling please visit - The Heart of Recycling



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