Top 10 Funko Bobble Heads

Yes this is our list of the Top 10 Funko Bobble Heads Ever.

We based this not on sales from our selection of funko bobble heads but on our personal favourites. Picture to follow

#10 - Captain Caveman

What is there to say about it, CAPTAAAAAAAIN CAVEMAN!!!!!!. We loved him as a kid and we love his cool wacky wobbler


#9 - The Hangover - Mr Chow

This film was brilliant, alan was the most popular character in the film but we have a special place in our heart for Mr Chow, His wacky wobbler was one of the talking ones and he had some cool one liners he would spit out. Douchebag!


#8 - Alice In Wonderland - Mad Hatter

We liked the style and colours of this one, Very distinct characters nice and colourful. The Chase edition was perhaps even better with the foil effect jacketc.


#7 - Lord Of The Rings - Sauron

Very cool bobble head from funko, very popular and with cool mould work.


#6 - Clockwork Orange - Alex

Never was released not sure if it was lack of interest or a licensing issue, we still get enquiries for this to this day. He looks great in the model.


#5 - SDCC Limited Edition Batman Bobble Car

Batmans cool and for me the old style batman was always a little bit more fun and entertaining. We loved this car with batman in it, it reminds me of the old batman TV show which i can still watch fopr hours on end. The chicks love the batman car indeed.


#4 - Godfather Talking Bobble Heads

One of my favourites and incidentally one of our very 1st products, Selected because we love gangster films and in particular the Godfather trilogy, yes even the third one. This bobble head also brings back memories of our early days when we had one on a table which went off every time one of the kids moved and kept chunnering away to himself. We eventually gifted him to the Local Post Office for a laugh where he still resides to this day.


#3 - Chuck Norris Talking Bobble Head

As a big user of the internet we love Chuck Norris and we love our chuck norris memes. This reminds me of the Chuck Norris quotes (you know the ones) and the sense of humour which surrounds him.


#2 - Star Wars R2D2

Yes R2D2 is a favourite with us. hes cute he goes beep and he looks cool and is as you all are aware a super cool film hero.


#1 - Big Bang Theory - Sheldon

Its an easy one really, we love the Big Bang Theory as everybody does. Sheldon especially the SDCC limited edition bobble head is supercool. Our children love him and we love him.


So there you go. Our top 10 Funko Bobble Heads.

Thanks for reading.

We'd love to hear any comments on these, maybe other funko bobble heads you think should appear, your top 10 or even top 3.



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