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Funko Blox Vinyl Figures

Funko hit us with there new Funky Toys time and time again surprising with us new styles, shapes themes and characters.

This time Funko have come up with Blox Vinyl toys which are odd shaped blocky 2d characters, they look cool and colourful.

The simpsons,K.I.S.S and the Batman universe are the first to get the Funko Blox treatment but we think many more will follow. 

Featured products
Picture of Batman Funko Blox Vinyl Figure
Funko Blox figures feature distinctive cut-out styling, with sculpted details of your favorite superheroes.

Picture of Batman Joker Funko Blox Vinyl Figure
The Funko Blox Batman Joker Vinyl Figure is amazing! It saves space, too!

Picture of Mars Attacks! Movie Blox Vinyl Figure
Availability : Pre-Order
From Mars to your collection comes this scary-looking Mars Attacks! Alien Blox vinyl figure!