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Pre Order Information

Here at Bobble Heads UK we sell a lot of new to market products.

This is great for you as you are one of the 1st in the UK to own the products and also you can see what is coming early and order it so you get it as soon as it arrives in the UK.

The tricky bit with pre orders obviously is guestimating when a product will arrive in the UK. We aim to give as accurate information as possible to our customers and are quite happy to provide upto date information when we have it, however this information is not always available to us.

We do publish stock updates ie : arrival dates etc on our twitter page and also on our facebook page along with information on new released, so there is really no reason not to keep upto date.

Why should I pre-order?

By taking pre-orders you are effectively marking your price, we will not charge any customer more if an items price inflates between pre-order and arrival time.

You are virtually guaranteeing you will get your item, we sell limited stock items and don't take orders for items we don't have an order for in the 1st place if they sell out and you haven't ordered because of the limited stock of these items and the lack of real competition for these items in the UK you will miss out. Of course problems sometimes happen, boxes get lost crushed etc so we can't 100% guarantee a product and wouldnt claim to be able to, but believe us you have much better chance then certain other retail outfits.

Support a small company who is importing in products which will cost you more to import yourself and if you have any problems will have to deal with a company in another part of the world.

Why take pre orders?

Taking pre-orders allows us to gather information on what is popular and wanted, which in turn allows us to order more of that type of products. It also allows our customers to get these items before anybody else in the country giving you those bonus bragging rights.

If I pre-order will I receive the goods?

Yes, if you pre-order any item from us you will receive it once they arrive in the UK, we do not take orders for goods we do not plan to provide.see above.

Do you take payment?

Yes we do take payment, we are ordering based on our pre-sales and our estimation of our overall sales, if we are ordering a hard to find item item and going to the trouble of importing it we would like to think there is some level of commitment from our customers to actually purchase it. Also it means we do not have to phone / email around to locate our customers again which has been troublesome on occasion.

Can I cancel my pre-order

Yes, you can cancel your pre-order at any time before its arrival.