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Bobble Heads sell Commonwealth Toy and Novelty Co products including Keychains, Magnets, Plush within the UK. These include themes such as Ted, Family Guy, Star Wars and Cut The Rope amonsgt others.

Commonwealth Toy & Novelty Co., Inc. is an acknowledged leader and trendsetter in the plush-toy industry and is one of the oldest and most prominent companies of its kind. Founded in 1934, Commonwealth's presence in the licensing industry can be seen in such toys as Nintendogs, Angry Birds, Pillow Pets, Peeps, and many more. The capabilities and performance that make Commonwealth a preferred vendor have contributed to the development of unique, quality-driven licensed and branded toy programs. More than 75 years after its birth, Commonwealth continues to maintain strong brand recognition and excellence.

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Big Bang Theory Talking Keychain

Earliest Expected Release Date is December 2014

Not only does this Big Bang Theory Talking Keychain feature an image of all your favorite characters from The Big Bang Theory, but it even says some awesome words and phrases from the show!

Big Bang Theory Talking Pen

Earliest Expected Release Date is December 2014

You can finally write down your notes and ideas while sounds and phrases from The Big Bang Theory TV show permeate your idea-space.